Best Free Sites for Music Education

Every kid should have the opportunity to learn music, but with cutbacks to music programs in schools across the country it’s not always possible.  Private lessons can be out of reach for a lot of parents at the same time.  Don’t despair there are plenty of resources available to you to get free music lessons online.  In fact you don’t even have to be a kid to take advantage of free music lessons.

There are lessons available for every level of musical ability and you can learn to play every instrument under the sun.  There are websites where you can learn to play a specific instrument such as the guitar or the piano and others where you can learn musical theory as well.  Here are some of the best sites for free music education.  Pick your instrument and get started.

1. YouTube

You can learn to do ANYTHING on YouTube from changing a tire to fixing your washing machine. Among all those videos are some quality channels that offer lessons on playing every instrument imaginable. YouTube also offers you the chance to learn at your own pace you can play the lessons anytime and repeat them as often as you like. In fact most sites that offer free music education have their own YouTube channels that you can visit for more lessons.

2.  Berklee

There are a collection of free music lessons from the Extension School of Berklee College of Music.  The classes were put together from the faculty and music education experts and they cover all aspects of music education.  You can learn to play an instrument, learn about songwriting, how to put on a performance as well as how the music business works.  There are a couple of drawbacks though, these classes are not designed for a very young child and unlike YouTube there is a schedule to follow.

3. Andrew Furmanczyk Academy of Music

Andrew started to teach music online back in 2006, believing that everyone should have access to music education and today his YouTube channel has more than 300,000 subscribers.  This site offers lessons on musical theory but the only instrument you can learn to play here is the piano.  All the lessons are broken down to make even complicated piano playing into easy to learn lessons.  Kudos to Andrew Furmanczyk for putting it together.  Here is one of his lessons to see how simple he makes it.

4.  JustinGuitar

JustinGuitar has over 900 free lessons to learn guitar and he has put in more than 15 years building the website to what it is today.  Also he gets some pretty cool pats on the back from some big time rock stars, making it pretty easy convincing your child to stick with the lessons.  Justin relies on the honor system so for those who can afford to donations are available and keep it free for those who can’t.  His YouTube channel where you can find many of the lessons has more than half a million subscribers so he has made music accessible to millions.

Those are the best sites for music education on the web.  Consistency is key though and lessons need to be kept regularly.

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