About Bivem

Research shows that studying music benefits both students’ aptitude for learning, and their overall wellbeing and happiness. The College Entrance Examination Board links music education with higher scores on standardized exams, while other studies have shown that music increases proficiency in the areas of mathematics, science, language, and socialization. Students involved in band or orchestra also tend to have the lowest rates of substance abuse, and tend to be happier and less stressed than their non-musical counterparts. Yet despite all of the glowing research, music education continues to be the number 1 budget cut made by school boards across the U.S.

BIVEM is committed to promoting access to music education to future generations by working with local school boards to maintain and increase music education budgets; educating parents, teachers, and students on the benefits of music education; helping unfunded music programs find sponsorship from the private sector; and providing free music education resources. There are many ways you can get involved with BIVEM. Contact us today to find out how you can get involved with bringing music back to the forefront of the American education.