5 Reasons Music Has the Power to Move Us

Since the beginning of time, almost every culture has had its own form of music. And whether it’s considered ritualistic, sacred, encouraging, or empowering, music has established its place within the daily lives of people all around the world. For a closer look at how these songs and melodies have the power to move the human spirit, here are a few explanations below.

  1. Brings People Together

Throughout the years, music has always been able to bring people from all walks of life together. Whether it’s a positive message of peace and love, a sorrow-filled melody of loss and mourning, or a happy tune that brings a smile to your face, songs have the power to unite individuals through shared events, feelings, and circumstances. If you’re a fan of a certain genre of music, talking about your favorite bands is a great way to create new friendships with others that share your same passion. And with music festivals that gather thousands of people together to listen to the same artists, there’s little doubt that music has the power to bond together strangers as well.

  1. Creates Solidarity Through Lyrics

If you’ve ever experienced a tough breakup before, you’ve probably listened to songs that had similar lyrics to what you were going through. And from sad breakups, losing a loved one, or dealing with a challenging situation, most people want to feel understood and know that others are going through the same issues. Song lyrics can create that kind of solidarity and allow individuals to feel known, even if they don’t have anyone to talk to.

  1. Can Be Heard All Around Us

Most people have heard different musical tunes from a young age. From soothing nursery rhymes to fun children’s songs, many individuals grow up around music and associate it with positive experiences. And whether you go to a grocery store, carnival, bowling alley, or restaurant, radio hits and recorded tracks can be heard almost everywhere and is an accepted part of our lives.

  1. Enhances or Improves Our Mood

Music can be used to enhance our emotions and focus our actions. For example, athletes can listen to a particular kind of music to get their blood pumping before a game or event. And when you’re looking to relax after a stressful day at work, a calming melody can help cool your emotions and allow you to loosen up. Music can even improve your mood, especially if you listen to a happy song when you’re feeling blue and can get wedding guests up on a dance floor or create excitement at a sporting event.

  1. Allows for Expression

Playing and instrument or becoming a vocalist can allow you to express emotions through song. Musicians can even convey their feelings and personal experiences to others without meeting them. Regardless of language, people all over the world can appreciate and experience the mood of a melody without knowing the lyrics. And even if you’re not a musician or a creative person, listening to a song can allow you to express your emotions and be in touch with your artistic side.

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